Soudal Quick-Step unveils 2024 kit

Soudal Quick-Step unveils 2024 kit

Incorporating the famous blue that is synonymous with the Belgian team, the outfit has white detailing, and features the red stripe of our co-title sponsor, Soudal. However, it is the details that make the new jersey unique, with a floral finish on the sleeves of the jersey highlighting the team’s environmental campaign.

The 2024 final design is the work of designer Stijn Dossche, who collaborated with our partners at Castelli to make this beautiful kit a reality. Speaking of the design process, Gent based Dossche said: “I was given the brief that we wanted to keep the team’s identity, while underlining their environmental effort.

I was grateful that apart from that I was given free reign to be creative and have some fun with the design, which I hope comes across. I have also tried to add some different shades of blue, which refer to the sky and the seas, and the movement in the floral patterns, which show the team’s movement through the natural surroundings in which cycling takes place, and the shapes are to capture the movement of the sport. I think it is really important to protect this environment.”

Equally delighted was Steve Smith, Castelli Brand Manager, who said: “We have been eagerly anticipating the outcome of our work with Soudal Quick-Step and with Stijn, and we are delighted with the final look. The process has allowed Stijn to be beautifully creative, and we have added our technical expertise to turn it on to a kit that allows the team’s riders to take on all of the challenges that cycling presents, and to help them perform at their best in the world’s biggest races.”

Two-time World Champion Julian Alaphilippe, who presented the new kit in a video that has become viral, added: “I love the new jersey. It has a different look than in the previous years, while retaining the elements that are part of our identity. I can’t wait to sport it for the first time in a competition in a couple of weeks’ time, at the Tour Down Under, and then in the Spring Classics, which I am so fond of.”