Bahrain Victorious Unveil New Look for 2024

Bahrain Victorious Unveil New Look for 2024

Team Bahrain Victorious is delighted to present our new 2024 season look, which sees the team transition from the traditional red to pearl white.

Building on the tremendous success of the Tour de France 2023 kit, the design keeps the striking teal touches that represent the tones of the shallow waters of the ‘two seas’ renowned for their rich pearling beds surrounding the kingdom. The gold accents across the design hark back to the team’s foundation in 2017, which perfectly highlights the pearl white design.

Along with the gold touches, the team returns to its foundation, switching back to navy blue from black. With the connotations around black and carbon, this is more than just a mere colour change; it represents a  commitment from the team and our partners to reducing our carbon footprint, aligning with the UCI’s mandate for teams to cut emissions by 2030.

In this sustainability journey, we are proud to further develop our partnership with Bapco Energies, a company with ambitious plans to pursue ‘net zero’. Bapco Energies will embark on this journey with us, providing knowledge and expertise to help reduce our team’s environmental footprint in line with the UCI targets.

Our commitment as a team towards achieving these sustainability goals is also to inspire future generations and encourage broader adoption of cycling as a sustainable form of movement.