Team Jumbo-Visma starts cooperation with junior team JEGG-De Jonge Renner Academy

Team Jumbo-Visma starts cooperation with junior team JEGG-De Jonge Renner Academy

Team Jumbo-Visma is taking the next step in talent identification and development. The Dutch cycling team will work closely with the JEGG-De Jonge Renner Academy junior team.

The creation of the Jumbo-Visma Development Team in 2020 was a milestone in the history of the Dutch cycling team. Eight riders have been promoted to the WorldTour team since then. Three more will be promoted in 2025. Seventeen riders from the Jumbo-Visma Development Team have gone on to become professional cyclists.

“Developments in cycling are moving fast”, development director Robbert de Groot says. “When we started the Development Team, there were only five professional teams with a development team; now there are twenty. There is more and more support for talented riders at progressively younger ages. Because of this more intensive support, they are developing faster. We have a certain vision to guide talented juniors and U23 riders. By collaborating with JEGG-De Jonge Renner Academy – a highly respected cycling club in the Netherlands with a significant track record and professional structure – we want to follow talented riders more intensively in their development at an earlier stage.”

“The average age of WorldTour riders is getting younger and younger”, Sporting Director Merijn Zeeman adds. “This makes the role of thorough and professional talent development increasingly important. With CyclingClassNL, we contribute to developing talent in the Netherlands. The cooperation with JEGG-De Jonge Renner Academy allows us to contribute to developing Dutch and international talent. At the same time, many other young riders will benefit as we share our knowledge and expertise with one of the strongest clubs in the Netherlands.”

With CyclingClassNL, Team Jumbo-Visma, the KNWU and the NOC*NSF already support a project to better support young, talented riders. This project will continue. Thanks to the cooperation between Team Jumbo-Visma and JEGG-De Jonge Renner Academy, several CyclingClassNL riders will now be offered a tailor-made international racing programme. In addition, several riders from other European countries will become part of the junior team. “We provide knowledge, equipment and a network; JEGG-De Jonge Renner Academy provides an existing structure full of experience and an international competition programme”, De Groot summarises. “By reaching out to the junior peloton this way, we can ultimately make better decisions about which riders to include in our development or WorldTour team.”

The Oosterhout-based cycling club is enthusiastic about the collaboration with the Dutch WorldTour team. “This is our way of contributing to the development of talented riders”, says Hugo Brenders, who will manage the junior team. “We used to have our own continental elite and under-23 teams linked to our club. It has been our ambition for a long time to create such a team again. But when you see how the world of cycling has changed in recent years, you have to ask yourself what the added value of another continental team would be. What would we add to the cycling landscape? By working with Team Jumbo-Visma, we will play a clear and distinctive role in the international cycling pyramid.”