Mads Pedersen wins Tour of Denmark

Mads Pedersen wins Tour of Denmark

Lidl-Trek put on a dominant performance at the Tour of Denmark, claiming two stage wins, first and second in General Classification, the points classification and the team classification. Pedersen, who never finished outside the top five on any stage, started the time trial four seconds behind teammate Mattias Skjelmose. Former World Champion Pedersen rode a powerful time trial to overturn the deficit and more, winning the stage in the process. Skjelmose also rode a solid time trial to end the race placed second overall.

Mads Pedersen: 

“First of all, the Team gave me and my brother the opportunity to race Tour of Denmark together and that’s special for both of us. I’m super proud of him to make it this far already, he only started riding again three years ago and now he has the level to ride the Tour of Denmark with us, so that’s super nice that the Team could see that and gave us that opportunity.
“We came to win this race and at least one stage along the way. We managed to win the nicest stage in Vejle with Mattias and today in the time trial it was mano a mano. I’m happy that I was able to beat him today because he has shown some great TTs this season. It was really special and very nice because we could be a bit more relaxed because we had over 40 seconds to number three. If it was me or Mattias that was winning it wouldn’t really matter, the most important was that one of us from the Team would win. We could joke about it and now Mattias owes me a nice dinner somewhere.

“There was basically no pacing, it was just flooring it from the beginning and hoping I could make it to the finish, today was one of these days where I could manage it. I was basically on the limit the whole way. I was super motivated to do a good time trial because Mattias has done really good TTs the whole season and I knew I had to do one of my best time trials to beat him. I went all out and hoped for the best.”

Mattias Skjelmose:

“It’s been an amazing week. Of course I would like to have won but being second behind Mads is probably the best way to lose so I’m happy with the result in the end. I got a beautiful win in Vejle which is the biggest scene in Denmark and I’m happy with that. To finish second behind Mads is not a bad result. My TT wasn’t super, but not bad. I didn’t have the legs to follow my pacing plan, but even if I had been able to I don’t think I would have won. Mads did an amazing ride and he deserved the win, it was the strongest guy who won and I’m really proud to finish 1-2 with him. He’s doing ‘Mads things’ and I hope one day when I grow up I can be like him and win the Tour of Denmark one time.