Lotto Soudal signs South-African champion Janse van Rensburg and experienced Barbero

Lotto Soudal signs South-African champion Janse van Rensburg and experienced Barbero

Belgian WorldTour team Lotto Soudal will add Carlos Barbero and Reinardt Janse van Rensburg to the roster until the end of the year. The duo will give the team more depth and adds the necessary experience.

As from the first of May Janse van Rensburg and Barbero will be able to ride for Lotto Soudal. Both were without a team from the first of January, but never gave up on their chances of finding a WorldTour team. They kept training and living as pro cyclists for the entire time. Janse van Rensburg became national road champion of South Africa last February.

Janse van Rensburg: ‘I have always looked at this team full of admiration’

“I am very happy with this opportunity”, says Janse van Rensburg. “After last season I have prepared myself as I have always done, even though I did not have a team. Of course, sometimes it was difficult to keep making all the sacrifices without knowing if I would be able to race at the highest level. But luckily, all those sacrifices are rewarded now. I am very motivated to make something good out of this. A period like I have had just now, makes you value the life of a pro cyclist even more.”

The fast Janse van Rensburg is ready to make his contribution to Lotto Soudal right away. “I am physically and mentally completely race-ready and I am looking forward to competing again. Lotto Soudal is a team full of youngsters which I have always followed with great admiration. I hope to make my experience of good use with the younger riders, while also getting some results myself.”

Barbero: ‘I always kept believing’

Also Carlos Barbero never lost faith after his former team had to quit at the end of last year. During training, the Spaniard still gives it his all and is able to push the power numbers he was getting last year. “You have to keep believing”, says Barbero. “And so I have always done, even though it was difficult at times. I am ready to prove straight away that I am worth this opportunity. Both by sharing my experience as in getting my own results.”

Barbero is happy with the chance that Lotto Soudal offers him. “The history of this team is impressive. With Valls, Pujol and Reynes there even were some other Spaniards here as well. I am looking forward to being a part of this beautiful team myself.”

Lelangue: ‘Two experienced, motivated riders that are race-ready’

The duo adds depth and experience to the Lotto Soudal roster. “Just like every team this year, we have had a lot of sicknesses”, explains CEO John Lelangue. “Therefore, we were not able to get a complete squad at the start of every race. Also, with Kamil Małecki and Jarrad Drizners we have two riders who will be out with injuries for a long time. We had to reinforce our team to be able to do the racing program we have planned.”

With Janse van Rensburg and Barbero, Lelangue found the two ideal riders. “They are experienced, race-ready and very motivated. We will give them a chance until the end of the season and believe that they will fit in this team very well. They are grateful for the chance they are given and I am sure that they will prove their value for our young team.”