Vincenzo Nibali injury update

Vincenzo Nibali injury update

Vincenzo has taken a new step in his recovery path six days after he fractured the radius of his right wrist in a training accident. With the hope to be at the start of the Giro d’Italia on May 8, the staff at the Fisiology Center in Forlì, led by Fabrizio Borra, designed and developed a carbon brace for Nibali. Nibali was fitted with the new brace Monday.

Trek-Segafredo physician Emilio Magni: “The brace was modeled on the grip between the hand and the handlebar to allow Nibali to ride the bike. This is the aspect at the center of our evaluation to understand the real possibilities of Vincenzo to face a competition in safety.

“On Thursday is scheduled a visit with the surgeon who operated on him, Dr Tami, who will remove the stitches and give a medical feedback one week after surgery. We have also scheduled an X-ray to better understand how the recomposition of the fracture is progressing.

“After an initial approach, the physiotherapy work on the hand now enters into full swing. The goal is to recover the best function of the limb. The daily work of drainage continues on the upper part of the wrist where, during the operation, it was necessary to enter for arthroscopy.

“After Thursday’s visit we will be able to think about the next step, which is to allow Vincenzo to train consistently on his home trainer and then on the road. It will be a gradual process that, in addition to the medical indication, will take into high consideration the feelings of the rider. I think it is still premature to hypothesize a timing for the decision on Vincenzo’s presence at the Giro. We continue to have hope and to do the impossible to succeed, but the road is still uphill.”